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PostPosted: 02-25-2013 9:21 pm    Post subject: App: Alorivarra

The application submitted by Alorivarra is as follows:

Name : Alorivarra
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Ner'zhul
Level : 90
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Worgen
Class : Priest
Spec 1 : Shadow
Spec 2 : Holy

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?:
My name is Alex, I'm 20, and I live in northern Louisiana

How can we contact you in and out of game?:
By gmail at alorivarra and cell is 918-969-3703

Please describe your previous raiding experience::
Previous raid experience is all 10 man, in wrath I didn't start raiding till later in the expansion, and didn't really progress that far. In cata I raided much more frequently, doing most of fire lands and dragon soul before a lot of the nerfs. And I'm just now starting playing again for mists.

If you have a recent raid log parse (World of Logs), please provide the link::
I do not

Discuss how you prepare for a new encounter.:
I prepare by reading up on the fight at wowhead, watching videos of. Triple encounters on YouTube. Having a stack of the best food and elixirs.

What do you feel you have to offer to our Raid Team?:
I can bring a multitude of things. Good include my ability to listen, give feedback on many different aspects. Something had is that I will call out who did something wrong, even if I was the one.

Tell us a funny thing that happened to you recently::
Funny or infuriating is based on the perspective. I was running AQ40 trying to get the mini mindslayer from the first boss and the red bug mount dropped when I already had one.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> 3x a Month
Monday -> 3x a Month
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Never
Thursday -> 3x a Month
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always