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re: Team Sport Philosophy


Everyone in Team Sport views playing World of Warcraft as their current and preferred hobby. We all play pretty much whenever we can even though, for many of us, that often isn't that much time. Just about all of us are working adults and/or full time students with a limited amount of available free time. To everyone in Team Sport the quality of our play time is most often one of our primary, if not our top concern. This concern even extends to each of us wanting the people we play with to also get the highest quality of play time possible. (None of us can have a good time if even one of us is having a bad time. The whole Team ends up immediately helping any teammate back up whenever anything manages to bring them down.)

Since we all take the game seriously, we are all here primarily for the "end game" content. We all wanna be raiding and kickin' ass at the highest level!
However, each of Team Member shares an opinion concerning game play that others need to be aware of:

A raid full of strangers often won't care about the raid as a whole.

Team Sport members are usually in very high demand for all levels of raiding since most of the server already knows Team Sport players as being some of the highest quality players around. Also, since Team Sport members put in such an effort to make it not only fair for people we group with but to also make it as fun as possible, this results in a long list of players that will jump at an opportunity to fill out a Team Sport party or raid. Even with all of that, if we don't have enough people on a given night, we're perfectly fine doing something else that night.

The secret to a great party is simple... just invite friends!

Each Team Sport member's favorite thing to do in WoW is just about the same.
Its usually whatever the rest of Team Sport is doing! Whether it's raiding, pvp, or anything else the game has to offer, we enjoy doing it.

There is no gear that can upgrade a player's personality.

We'll take a 'Good Person' over a 'Geared Player' any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

The professions are called TRADE SKILLS for a reason.

We don't ever make money off our own team, we make money as a team.
Nobody in Team Sport has ever charged another teammate in an attempt to make a profit. Not for anything... ever.

If someone needs something from someone else's skill (enchants, crafted gear, etc), the whole guild will usually check to see if anyone has the mats required. If not then the next thing you'll usually see is a group farming expedition for the mats needed (plus extra to stockpile for later). If they don't have time to farm, and nobody in the guild has mats, only then does the closest teammate to an AH usually look up the prices for the materials and inform the person how much they will need to spend. Its not unusual to see the person checking the pricing to offer to make the purchase for their teammate as long as they have enough gold to cover the purchase themselves until they can get reimbursed from the person who needed it.

We loan other teammates what they need whenever we have it, and then we forget we loaned it. We quickly repay our debts to teammates in full to always remind them that we borrowed it.

We love to tip each other. The following list starts with some top examples of preferred tips and works it way down:

    - Items from the tippers skill: "Thanks for the enchant, here I made you some potions!"

    - Additional mats for the person beyond what was just used: "Just keep the entire stack of 20, you'll use it before me!"

    - Something comical: "Have this [Broken I.W.I.N. Button], since an engineer like you might be able to fix it!"

Usually only as a last resort is the tip monetary. Hint: The smaller the amount the greater the chances that a teammate will accept it.

Don't let all this info give you the wrong idea that we aren't mischievous with our gold as well. We love to bet with each other. We're quick to offer each other bribes to instigate trouble.

Lots of us feel that a large donation to the guild bank (enough to cover everyone elses guild repairs) excuses us for any intentional wipe photo oportunities. Just about anything that might make the game more enjoyable probably has someone on Team Sport trying it out!

This game works best when you approach it like a team sport.

You will often hear us say, "Team Sport", at times when most others would have said, "You're Welcome." That's because when we get thanked for something we usually think that we didn't have to be thanked... because whatever we did is gonna help all of us.

Team Sport!
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