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re: Team Sport Add-Ons & Mods

What do Team Sport members have running in addition to WoW?

This is to let people know some of what Team Sport has available for its members and also to let applicants know some of what Team Sport will expect them to be using.


Since you're reading this you already know about our Guild Website:

We expect everyone accepted into Team Sport to actively participate on the website since lots of guild information is available for viewing by the members of the website. This website is also a great place to keep in touch with members you may not always see in-game.


We have our own Team Sport Ventrilo server which we invite applicants to use as often as possible. It's so much easier to talk to people to get to know them, as opposed to having to type lengthy conversations while still trying to play the game.

In addition to being a means to chat with members, our policy concerning Vent usage is to extend to applicants the right to actually use the vent.

We have a plethora of rooms in our vent for whatever your need may be. We also have ranks for people that frequently use our vent:

    APP - This rank is used to identify who is applying to the guild. You have the ability to move wherever you want.

    FAN - You frequently run stuff with us, but are not a member of the guild. You have limited access to different rooms.

    GM - Since we're a Team, every member is a GM. You have the ability to move wherever you want.

We've been vent-bombed before for absolutely no reason, so unless you're one of the ranks listed above, you're immediately put into the "Actually Not In This Guild Lobby" and cannot move. Be patient. Until Dralo (our Vent administrator & Tanking Captain) can get you a rank, expect Team members to just join you in the lobby.

Our opinion is that we're gonna try to show you the same respect we would show any Team member along with providing the same guild benefits that we all enjoy.

The only thing we expect in return is usage of common sense and that you demonstrate the same amount of responsibility required of a full member. Be actively responsible for anyone you bring into our vent (ie: when guild members join vent make sure they know what you are doing if you haven't already informed someone, etc).

If you don't have Vent... you need to get it.

We don't require you to always use it, but we do require that you have it (and that it works to at least the level where you can hear what others are saying).

Even if you don't have a microphone we expect that during something such as a raid or heroic that everyone needs at the minimum to at least be able to hear what the Team is saying.

The following link will take you to the download page:

From there you just have to download the CLIENT PROGRAM that is appropriate for your computer system.


Omen Threat Meter is an addon that tracks the amount of threat you are generating against mobs. It shares the information it collects on your threat with anyone else in the party who also has Omen and their information is shared with you. This information can then be displayed as an actively shifting bar graph of the threat of each person in comparison to every other person's threat.

Basic Summary: If you got the biggest bar then you're the one the mobs gonna attack. WoW has added a new (and a very helpful) system of displaying growing threat (party members portraits begin to glow yellow and then red as threat builds) and they also now announce in-game when aggro shifts (whoever just got aggro sees on-screen "ATTACKING YOU" while the person who lost aggro sees "LOSING THREAT").

As awesome as this addition to the game is its not enough for Team Sport and here's why:

- If you're dps or heals then the tank needs to know exactly where your threat is at in relation to everyone else's so that they know exactly who is the most in need of the tanks abilities to reduce the threat of others. (Just seeing your portrait glow isn't enough to tell them if you are second on the threat list and by the time "LOSING THREAT" appears on their screen its often too late).
- If you're a tank then the healers and dps need to know close or far they are from you in threat to be able to accurately decide if they need to add threat reduction abilities into their rotations. (While dps and healers who always use threat reduction abilities in their regular rotation may make it easier for you to tank it may cost the small difference of healing or damage output that could be the difference in a difficult boss encounter).

If you don't have Omen... you need to get it.

Even if you don't ever open the screen to use it yourself, you need to at least have it running in the background so that The Team that are using it can get accurate info about your threat.

The following link will take you to where you can download the latest full (non-beta) version of Omen:

From there, just add it the same way you would any other addon.

    - Atlas
    - AtlasLoot
    - Recount

For more suggestions about useful addons just ask any Team Member and they can give you some ideas and point you in the right direction.
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