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re: The "Team Sport Application" Process

You've heard the hype, the reputation and the stories. Now you want a piece of the action. How do you do that? Keep in mind, our process for application is different than your standard guild application. Our application philosophy is simply this: We want to get to know you and you to know us. We're not simply a "fill out an application and you're in" guild. We want people that are going to stick around, and the following system sort of evaluates if you're that kind of person.

Keep in mind, we're not *just* a raiding guild. We PvP, we raid, we do achievement nights, we're random collectors, and the list goes on. Consider us a family/community. We're looking for people to play with that we can have fun with. To illustrate that:


The criteria that an applicant must meet before they can get our approval to become a member, is summarized with just three simple statements:

1.) Their character needs to be able to be a positive addition to Team Sport. "Wanting to be helpful is not the same thing as actually being helpful."

2.) They need to be the type of person that we would want to be friends with outside of WoW. "If you aren't the type of person I'd enjoy hanging out with in real life what makes you think I would want to hang out with you online?"

3.) They need not be shy! Talk to us in game...heck, come in vent. You want on the Team? We wanna get to know you! "Become part of the team today, eerrrr... at least see who the heck we are."

Before you continue, read the other stickies in this forum. It outlines our Philosophy, our Guild Ranks, our two Banks, and other pertinent information for anyone wanting to join the Team.


The process:

The first step is to Apply to this Guild. On the left sidebar, you'll see a category titled "Membership". Click "Apply to Guild". It'll ask you to sign into Guild Launch or create a Guild Launch account.

Next, follow the prompts to submit your application. Be as thorough and articulate as you can in your app. We like out-going and social players. We're a group of talkative friends and we look for the same.

In game, if you're already on our server, contact any Team Sport member online and they'll get you invited as an Applicant.


What's next?

Be active! Be involved! Your promotion among the ranks is dependent on your interaction, attitude, and commitment to the guild. The more you put yourself out there for the guild's benefit, the more likely you'll be promoted. We're looking for other Team players, remember. If you're planning to raid, make sure you read our "Raiding Expectations post". If you're not raiding, just be yourself and be active!
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