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re: On-going Team Sport Q&A

Adding to these as I see questions:

1.) How many active guild members do you have?

- We have around 15 or so active guild members. We prefer the more intimate atmosphere, because then the emphasis is placed more on who our members are as people. Quality over quantity. Most of us are on a first name basis, and even see each other outside of the game. We like that strong community feeling.

2.) Can my (family member, friend, guildmate) apply, too?

- We're always happy to accept applicants who feel that Team Sport might be a good home for them. However, we look at each applicant individually. Even though you may be an awesome person and a fun player, your "partner in crime" will have to do his/her own legwork to get the necessary votes needed.

3.) Where is everyone from? Are people going to be on when I am?

- A majority of the guild is Midwest and East Coast US. A few of us from the Chicago/Milwaukee region, a bunch from Texas, and a slew along the east coast. We're also blessed with a few from Australia and New Zealand. We all lead different lifestyles, so there's a big chance there's always someone on.

4.) I'm from another server. Who can I contact?

- You can always leave a message in the "Chat with Team Sport" forum, if you check back regularly. Otherwise, feel free to message any of us in-game on the Ner'zhul server (Alliance - "Team Sport" guild). If you'd like to keep it more private, you can email Thespeus at
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