Team Sport's Guild Rules

(Raider Expectations follow)

As members of Team Sport, we pride ourselves in creating and maintaining a positive, constructive, and friendly environment. Team Sport has always thrived on a membership of the most supportive players that the game has to offer. This is the case with raiding; it's the case for every other facet of our members.

Rule #1: No Drama.

We expect our members to be mature, respectful, and responsible inside and outside of the guild. If you experience a problem with another member or someone outside of the guild, we expect that you work it out like two mature adults. If you need to enlist the assistance of a Peacekeeper or Officer, please do so. Drama will not last long.

Rule #2: No Harassment or Trolling.

Trade Chat and General Chat can be some dicey places. There are trolls and mouth-breathers everywhere. They will say things that will anger you. They will try to get a rise out of you. Our simple rule: Ignore it. Do not get involved with mud-slinging in Trade Chat, General Chat, Battleground Chat, or any public chat. The only thing it accomplishes is tarnishing our guild's name. We are strong because we respect other players.

Rule #3: Be Active.

While we understand that everyone has real-life issues, we are an interactive guild. If you have the free time to join in on a guild activity, we highly encourage it. Be active on the website. Join guild chat through the mobile app. Whatever you do to contribute to the guild helps us all out in the long run. Part of our process of promoting has to deal with the amount of effort you put into the guild. We hope that you'll help out other members and take part in some of our social activities. It makes the guild stronger, which makes us that much better.

**If you're found breaking any of our core rules (Drama, Harassment, Trolling, etc), you'll receive a warning. If you're caught doing it again, you're booted. We are a guild of integrity, and we demand the same of our members.**

NO TOLERANCE: Any sort of comment or action that belittles someone of another race, gender, heritage, or sexual orientation. If you are blatantly making hurtful comments in any of these ways, you're dismissed from the guild. We are a guild where everyone should feel comfortable and welcome.


And, arguably, this next one is the most important rule...


Rule #4: HAVE FUN!!!

It's a game! We need to have fun! Yes, there are a lot of rules, but we feel they all help maintain a supportive and friendly environment (both in and outside the raid). The most important thing is to have a good time. We're all here because we enjoy each other's company while we play this game. ENJOY IT! Get involved! Have an idea for a fun guild activity? Feel free to get it started!




Team Sport's Raid Rules

Team Sport's raiding team strives to be as prepared an organized as we can. We spend ~7 hours/week raiding, so we will make the most of it. The more preparation we have on the backend, the more successful we are in the raid. Also, the more fun we can have! If you want to be a part of our raiding process, you must adhere to the expectations below.

1.) Class Knowledge

Since we run a 10man raid, it's more responsibility on each individual member of the team. While we don't ask that you design your own spreadsheets or do your own theorycrafting, we do expect that you be up-to-date on the latest changes in your class so that you can adapt accordingly. Of course, this is ON TOP of having a comprehensive knowledge of your class. You're expected to know how to appropriately gear/gem/enchant/reforge your class/spec, as well as what your stat priorities are.

2.) Class Versatility

You should at least know what different "roles" your class/spec can fill (i.e., Utility, Burst Dmg, Raid Healing, Off-tanking). For example, if you're a hunter, you should be able to effectively use your traps, add kite, etc.

3.) Preparation

Before any given raid night, you should be familiar with the bosses for that night (watch videos or otherwise). Your gear should be properly enchanted, gemmed, and reforged. With progression raiding, we need each last bit of DPS, healing throughput, or damage mitigation to get that kill. If you're not doing all you can, then the guild's not doing all it can. Please put your best foot forward.

4.) Punctuality & Signups

Raid invites go out at 5pm server time. First pull is at 5:10pm. If for whatever reason you're going to be late, please get in contact with an officer (or someone that can get a message to an officer). Punctuality is one of the things that we value most. Again, with only ~7 hours/week to raid, we can't be spending time waiting on late people. Life happens, of course, but if you're chronically late, we'll have to have a chat. 9 other people are waiting; please be mindful of their schedules, too.

On that note, invites for raid are on the in-game calendar. During Tuesday's raid, the schedule for the following week will go up. Please sign up ASAP so we can start planning the roster. We will try to make the raid roster ready by Sunday night. Here's how we view the different signup options:

  • Declined - You know you're not available.
  • Accepted - You know you're able to make it to the raid, both on-time and prepared.
  • Tenatative - You're unsure if you can make it or not. You will change this to either Accepted or Declined as soon as you know.

Don't assume that a spot will be available. Please sign up (or out), so we know to expect you or not. If plans change, change your signup or contact an officer. When all else fails, please email Thespeus @

5.) Communication

Like in Punctuality & Signups, please let us know if your plans are changing or if you're going to be gone for an extended amount of time. We all have jobs, families, significant others, school, etc. We know how it is. Please just keep us in the loop if you're not going to make it on a particular raid night. If you don't respond to the in-game invitations, or we stop seeing you around the game, we're going to assume that a.) you're not interested in being a part of the team, and/or b.) you're dead. So, stay in touch. If not, we're going to start recruiting.

6.) Logs (World of Logs)

At the top of each page on this website, you'll see the "World of Logs" link. It is expected that all raiders find a little time each week to see what they can work on and improve. Raid Leaders will be looking at these logs, too, but it doesn't hurt to be able to evaluate your own progress, right? =D

7.) All Criticism is Constructive

Raid Leaders and Officers are incredibly dedicated to making sure that Team Sport is a fun and awesome environment to be in. So, if you're given a few tips, it's 100% meant to help you improve. Please do not take it as: "omg you suck", "L2Play Noob", or anything of the sort. We are not that kind of guild, nor will we ever be. We're a team, and we want to help each other out. Always feel free to get in contact with various officers to get help in improving (Healers - Thespeus, DPS - Arcas or Disgraceful, Tanks - Dankel). We have an open door policy.

As the raids go on, if we have to make roster substitutions, swap a player, or sit someone out on a given night, please do not take it personally. We need to be versatile in order to progress the guild. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact an officer or guild leader.